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The Vietnamese language is an Austro-Asiatic language that was developed from the Champa and Khmer people in the area.  However, the Chinese language was prominent throughout the land during the early part of the Common Era due to the Chinese dominance in the area. Still, the Vietnamese began to develop their own language through the mixture of native languages and Chinese while eventually adapting to European influences. Much of this particularly came in the nineteenth century after France invaded Vietnam. Today the Vietnamese language uses its own particular alphabet that is loosely based off of the Latin alphabet.

The letters you will find in the Vietnamese language are noted through a variety of different tones and accent marks. The Latin-based characteristics may be confusing to those who do not speak the language but you will certainly get some help from our native speakers who are trained in the Vietnamese language. These people will help you navigate through the translation process by working with the right individual characters so you won’t have to worry about what’s in a spot

Number of People Speaking : Around 75 million.

Countries Spoken: Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia.

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Poor Chinese translation can not reflect the cultural differences. 

Some global translation agencies could not even tell the difference between Chinese variations.

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