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Due to the English colonization of many countries around the world, the modern form of English spread rapidly. It has assimilated words from a number of languages throughout its history which has led to modern English containing a massive vocabulary with irregular and complex spellings.

English is currently the most widely spoken business language in the world - speakers at basic level or higher are estimated at over a billion. It is also the language most often learnt as a foreign language. English also acts as the chief lingua franca, used by people from all corners of the world to communicate when knowledge of their own tongues is not shared.

A working knowledge of English has become a requirement in a number of fields and professions and is the dominant language of business communication.

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Poor Chinese translation can not reflect the cultural differences. 

Some global translation agencies could not even tell the difference between Chinese variations.

When you need to translate English to Chinese, you need to figure out who are your customers exactly.

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