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Need a Perfect website in Chinese language?

What You need is not only Chinese Website Translation, but also Chinese Website Localization.

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ChineseTrans, Chinese Website Translaton | Localization

We Localize your business to the Chinese market

  • China Mainland
  • HongKong   Macau
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore & South-East Asia
  • Other Chinese Market (China towns, Chinese Communities...)

Chinese Web localization is not just Chinese translation.
Make the content tell and sell in the local market.


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How we work

  • Fully understand your business and your situation in the new market.
  • Investigate the market to understand what your target audience are looking for.
  • Localize your website to make everything in accordance with the new market.
  • Reviewed by a local experienced copywriter.
  • Correct the problem found in testings and Improve the site by studies like focus group.
ChineseTrans, chinese to english website translation
Our Chinese Website Translation Service includes both linguistic and technical skills to make your website localization project a resounding success in Chinese world.


ChineseTrans, website in chinese language

What we do

  • Translate Your web content to Chinese (Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese)
  • Localize the Meta Tags, Alt Tags...
  • Localize the Flash files, Graphs and Figures...
  • Localize the Databases... 
  • Localize necessary cultural, technical, geographical differences (timezone, terms...)

Fast & Safe at ChineseTrans Chinese Website Translation

ChineseTrans, Chinese Website Translaton | Localization
ChineseTrans, Chinese Website Translaton | Localization

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