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ChineseTrans: Real Time Chinese Translation Rate

Real-Time Chinese Translation Rate

  • Get the Instant Quote in real-time
  • 99.9% accuracy of language detection
  • 95% Chinese Translation orders via Instant Quote 
  • Depending on your subject, language, and avaibility of professional resources


Best Quality for Less Money

  • We compete with efficiency
  • No bureaucracy
  • Fast, Accurate Translation

English To Chinese Translation Rates

  • The most popular Chinese Translation needs
  • Get Quality Chinese Translation at competitive rate
  • Compare Simplified Chinese vs Traditional Chinese


ChineseTrans: English To Chinese Translation Rate
ChineseTrans: Standard Translation Rate vs Premium Translation Rate

Standard vs Premium

  • Both are Quality Chinese translation, but for different situations
  • Standard: For your general business purposes
  • Premium: For your most important documents
  • Premium translation rate is higher and takes longer

ChineseTrans: Express Service Charge

Express Service Charge

  • Normal Speed for most situations
  • Express Service is for your urgent needs, we will put your job on top priority
  • If you need it much faster, contact us directly via contact form, or online chat



ChineseTrans: Documents with Images, Graphs

Documents with Images, Graphs

  • Tick "I want to translate images or graphs in the document(s) too."
  • Proceed with the order process and send the inquiry
  • ChineseTrans creates an order for you
  • Check "Inquiry" and confirm the order

Save with Coupons

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Save Your Chinese Translation Cost with ChineseTrans Wallet Package

Save with Wallet Package

  • Your wise choice for repeated orders.
  • Save money through wallet packages.
  • No expiry date for your credits.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee within 365 days.

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Other Chinese Translation Services

You can always send your Inquiry to us directly

or  use the contact form

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  • Fixed Project: for most jobs.
  • Hourly Rate
  • Daily Rate
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