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Poor Traditional Chinese translation will always ruin you business.

With Quality Traditioanl Chinese Translation,  Chinese customers will

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  • believe in your product quality as well

You can get close to your target market and win the market.

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Traditional Chinese vs. Simplified Chinese?

Get Traditional Chinese Translation for Taiwan and Hongkong Market.

Basically Chinese is a group of several languages, some are very distinctive. 

When you need to translate English to Chinese, you need to figure out who your customers are exactly.

It is interesting that many global translation agencies could not even tell the difference between Chinese variations.


Traditional Chinese: Hongkong or Taiwan

It's true that there are some differences between the two, in many situations, One version will be sufficient since people can understand your meaning.

But in some serious situations, you ALWAYS need to translate into two versions. 

  • Traditional Chinese (Hongkong)
  • Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)


Can You Translate Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese? or vice verca?

Yes, We are specialized in providing conversions between Chinese variations.

  • Translate Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese
  • Translate Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese
  • Translation English to Chinese traditional 


Inquiry for Complicated Projects

For complicated traditional Chinese document translation projects

  • Send a human inquiry in your order process
  • Contact us directly via contact form, or online chat.


For other language services like website localization, DTP, etc


What Does Our Client Say

I have worked closely with Rick, CEO at ChineseTrans, on many occasions and projects.

ChineseTrans is always very professional, reliable and extremely skilled in Chinese translation.

Doing business in China can be complicated and ChineseTrans makes it so much easier.

They know the subtle, yet important nuances between Chinese and English, and how that nuance can affect a contract or the content in a document or marketing piece.

This skill is invaluable to consulting businesses like mine who have clients that need sound translation services and most importantly, good advice.

Contact ChineseTrans for your Chinese translation services, you will be glad you did!

Frank Goley, CEO, ABC Business Consulting,                                   ...see more testimonials

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