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ChineseTrans-Chinese Software Translation, Localization

Chinese software translation

We work on Chinese software translation and localization, app Chinese translation and localization.

  • China Mainland
  • HongKong & Macau
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore & South-East Asia
  • Other Chinese Market (China towns, Chinese Communities...)


Chinese Software localization is not just Chinese translation.

Make the content tell and sell in the local market.


  • Fully understand your business and your situation in your Chinese market.
  • Investigate the market to understand what your target audience are looking for.
  • Localize your app/software texts to make everything in accordance with the new market.
  • Reviewed by a local experienced copywriter.
  • Correct the problem found in testings and Improve the software/app by studies like focus group.
ChineseTrans-Chinese Software Translation, App Chinese Translation


Chinesetrans provides complete solution for software localization
  • We provide complete solution for software localization 
  • We enable your Chinese customers to interact with your software seamlessly in their own language.
  • We offer guidance and advice at all stages of your project, ensuring a successful delivery of your localized software product, on time and within budget. 
  • We manage your localized software assets, reduce the cost of current and future software localizations.
  • Support for all computer platforms and programming languages

What's the Process of the Chinese Software Localization?

1.Planning & evaluation

First we plan the project with you, listen carefully to your needs, clearly tell you what we can deliver and when.

We also inform you of any cultural adaptation issues that need to be taken into account for your specific project.

ChineseTrans Process of Chinese Software Translation

2.Extracting/re-integrating assets from source software into translatable format

Use a variety of applications we extract and re-integrate all of the translatable elements for your software product.

ChineseTrans Chinese Apps Localization
  • resource files
  • graphics, images and icons
  • help files
  • read-me files
  • user guides
  • audio
  • packaging
  • warranty cards
  • software licenses and legal disclaimers


After reintegrating the translatable elements back into your software product, our engineers and translators undertake functionality and linguistic testing.


  • Regression testing and bug fixing
  • Identifying localization issues in the client's build environment
  • Taking localized screen shots
  • User interface testing
  • Setting up bug report formats or databases
  • General QA testing
ChineseTrans Chinese Software Localization
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