Top Reasons Why Foreigners Love China

by Yi Zhang, Monday, April 18th, 2016 at 12:55 am

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Do you know why many foreigners really love China?

If you live in China for a certain period of time instead of several days sight-seeing travel. You can easily see the good and the bad.  and It is easy to balance it all out and realize that the good part far outweighs the bad part.


No. 7 Chinese Food

Chinese is considered to be the best food in the world and you have a very wide choice of different flavors.

Top reasons why foreigners love China

Top reasons why foreigners love China (Photo by Chao: Cantonese dim sum at Tsui Wah Restaurant, 66 plaza, Shanghai)

If you really have a western stomach, you can also find a lot of western restaurants in China.

Restaurants and bars start doing business from around 10:00 till late at night, and usually extend their business hours during weekends and holidays.

Some bars open till small hours or even for the whole night.

No. 6 China Hospitals are Really Convenient

It only takes ONE to TWO HOUR to get the blood test.

It takes FIVE days to do the same thing in Australia.

China Hospitals are very convenient

China Hospitals are very convenient: waiting room in a Belgium hospital vs. crowded Chinese hospitals (PUMC, PLA 301 hospital)

China hospitals are normally quite big and very crowded.

Although there are many people in China, it is still really FAST compared to many western countries.

For most diseases, the cost is quite affordable, and much less than western countries.

Chinese doctors need to see way more patients every day than US doctors do. 


No. 5 Chinese Banks are Amazing

Some expats are complaining employees in many overseas banks work just like Flash in Zootopia, 

Chinese bank clerks are very efficient. 

A quick tip, do not go there before the holidays where you need to wait much longer than working days.

Top Reasons Why Foreigners Love China: China Bank clerks are more efficient

Top Reasons Why Foreigners Love China: China Bank clerks are more efficient

No. 4 Low Cost and Fast Transportation

China high speed rail is super fast, now it covers most major cities and  becomes the top choice for many businessmen.

It takes you around one hour from Shanghai to Nanjing (about 300km) and around 5 hours from Shanghai to Beijing (about 1318 km).

Low Cost and Fast Transportation in China

Low Cost and Fast Transportation in China

Uber model is popular and you can easily find a cab in major cities, similar brands include DiDi, Kuaidi, Shenzhou Cars, Yidao etc.

There are 37 cities in China building its subway network.

You don’t need to spend too much on transportation than other western countries. In either Beijing or Shanghai, normally you only need to spend around RMB3-6 yuan (around 0.5-1USD), you can take the metro to most destinations.


No. 3 Shops are open on Holidays

In China, shops, supermarkets and department stores open every day for Long hours, normally from 9:00 to 22:00, including weekends and public holidays.

Small shops and grocery stores open earlier and close later than that time.

Shops are open on Holidays

Shops are open on Holidays (Photo by Chao: Crystal Galleria at JingAn Temple, Shanghai)

However, during the Chinese New Year (happen in January or February), stores close early in the afternoon on the Eve. Only during this period, foreigners needs to find some other things to do at home.


No. 2 Kuaidi (Express Delivery) Is So Fast

Normally it takes 1-3 days to send your express delivery to anywhere in the country.

In many big cities in China, you can get your delivery in one day or even on the same day.

Express Delivery In China

Express Delivery In China (Photo by Chao: A SF express delivery motor tricle running at Wudaokou, Beijing, China)

It is quite amazing while it is impossible in most other countries.


No. 1 Online Shopping

You can buy almost anything online in China and get your package delivered in very short time.

Normally within 1-3 days, you can get what you ordered.

Online Shopping in China

Online Shopping in China (Photo by Chao: a metro ad for double 12 festival sponsored by Taobao, Shanghai)

Same day delivery is also common in many big cities.

It is totally different from eBay, Amazon etc.



So, What is your reason to love, or hate, China? Let me know.







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