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Yesterday, We’d talked about the reasons why Chinese is difficult How Difficult is Chinese to Learn? for people to learn.

Let’s see how to choose suitable solution for Chinese Translation.

Free Chinese Translation Service

There are several free, online translation services which will do a Chinese translation of your documents in English or in other languages.

Most of them have various Chinese translation services, such as website translation, Chinese translation of uploaded documents, or translation of text copied or typed into a text box.

When you use a free Chinese translation service, the document or website is translated by a computer program.

Unfortunately, computers don’t really understand human languages, so your Chinese translation may end up as rubbish.

You would argue that Machine Translation between English and European languages are greatly improved.


but the machine translation between English and Asian languages are really poor as compared to European ones.

Computers do a fairly good job of translating individual words.

But They have limitations when translating complex sentences.

Anyway, You can use these free services to understand the rough ideas about the source files and decide whether you should go further.

in many cases, this is enough for getting some basic information.


Comparisons of some Free Chinese Translation Services

When it comes to computer translation, the simpler the better. If you stick to Subject – Verb – Object sentences, you have the most chance of getting an understandable Chinese translation.

Even so, some Chinese translation services are better than others.

Take for example, the sentence “It is hot today.”

  • Google came up with a ridiculous 它是热的今天. Google Translation result will change while the database is expanding and improve its quality, however, We can understand its meaning only, You could not use it in formal situations.
  • Reverso came up with a ridiculous 这是热门. Reverso only offers simplified characters, so that, together with a nonsense translation, puts them at the bottom of the list – don’t use it.
  • Transwhiz, provides another bad Chinese translation of “It is hot today” came fromwhich offered 它今天很热 (tā jīntiān hěn rè). This word-for-word translation is not grammatically correct.
  • Yahoo Babelfish came up with 天气今天热的. This can be understood, but is a clumsy use of the Mandarin language.
other choices are Bing, Youdao, Baidu and many more

Many Translation Services, but Few Engines

Despite the relatively large number of Chinese translation websites, there seems to be just a few translation engines that power them.

Most of these sites do not offer any advantage over the Google Translate site, so why bother using them? Google translate has a nice auto-update feature that translates as you type, and it also shows you the Pinyin Romanization of the Chinese characters.

Want A Good Chinese Translation

Computer translation will only get you so far.

It may provide an understandable translation, as long as you simplify the original English text.

The only way to get a proper Chinese translation is to hire a professional translator, preferably someone who is a native Mandarin speaker and who partners with a native English speaker.

ChineseTrans is dedicated to provide professional Chinese translation services with a large network of professional Chinese Translators.



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