Tips for Effective Chinese Copywriting

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Effective Chinese translation and Chinese copywriting will ensure a successful Chinese localization strategy.

Tips for Effective Chinese Copywriting

Tips for Effective Chinese Copywriting : Typical Chinese Enamel Mug placed in a 5-star hotel in Shanghai (Photo by: Ricardo Christian)


What’s your market?

Chinese market is so different from others so that you need professional local services to help you achieve your goal.

First identify your target market.

  • Mainland China
  • HongKong
  • Macau
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore & South-East Asia
  • Other Chinese Market (China towns, Chinese Communities…)

What shall be written in Chinese?

A series of marketing communications job shall be done. you can prioritize them and choose some to implement.

  • Chinese Website content writing
  • email marketing templates
  • email auto replies
  • Article, Content writing
  • Sales copy, Sales Letter
  • Advertisement
  • Marketing content, Promotional documents
  • Catalogs, Brochures
  • Business communications
  • Blogging…

Good copywriting will convey the intent of your original message to the Chinese marketplace.


What’s a good Chinese copywriter?

  • Bilingual: not only expert in the literal translation but also understand the emerging new words which are frequently invented in these dynamic Chinese markets.
  • Bi-cultural: understand the local cultural differences
  • Business knowledge: should be a marketing consultant with knowledge of local business, beware of those who have no marketing background. They can turn your sales copy into a plain text with NO marketing impact.

The best Chinese copywriter and translator is fully bilingual and bi-cultural, the Chinese copywriter shall communicate accurately to the audience based on cultural relevance and market appropriateness.


How to work with a Chinese copywriter?

Take into consideration Chinese cultural, legal and other factors specific to the Chinese language and Chinese marketplace.

Even though you find a Chinese copywriter, you’d better know the following to prevent you from a failure.

  • Provide as much background and context as possible.

A good Chinese copywriter takes into account the intended purpose and will target the readership.

  • Effective Chinese brand names

Major brand/product names should be carefully localized in the Chinese language before a product launch takes place in the Chinese market

Effective Chinese brand names come from a deep understanding of the Chinese market and imaginative use of product connotations in selection of Chinese characters.


  • Communicate your message’s implied meaning

Find ways to convey the implied meaning of the original source content into Chinese.

This is especially true when translating persuasive, marketing materials into Chinese.

  • Be aware of legal issues

in the China Market, Chinese Advertising Law expressly prohibits any advertising that uses words like “the highest-level” or “the best” etc.

Pay special attention to ensure that your Chinese copywriting does not produce illegal text.

  • Dynamic Chinese language

The Chinese language changes over time, just like other languages.

A good Chinese coywriter should read current Chinese media extensively and maintain an up-to-date understanding of current Chinese language trends.

  • Focus Group Discussion

Find some one in your target market as the focus group to review the copies.

Get feedback and improve the copy.

Effective Chinese translation and Chinese copywriting will ensure a successful Chinese localization strategy.


ChineseTrans specialized in Chinese language solutions.

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Effective Chinese translation and Chinese copywriting will ensure a successful Chinese localization strategy.




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