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Quality Tibetan English Translation Service

With a team of trained and experienced Tibetan translators, ChineseTrans is able to perform any Tibetan translation project.

tibetan translation

tibetan translation

ChineseTrans, as a world leading Chinese Translation Company, provides accurate, fast and reliable Tibetan translation, which help you cross language barrier.

  • English to Tibetan translation services
  • Tibetan to English translation services
  • Chinese to Tibetan translation services
  • Tibetan to Chinese translation services
  • Tibetan website and software translation
  • Tibetan Interpretation Services

ChineseTrans Tibetan translators and interpreters are among the highest qualified in the business.

for your Tibetan translation projects.


Tibetan Quick Facts

  • Tibetan is the official language in Tibet
  • Modern Tibetan is based on the speech of Lhasa
  • Tibetan as a written language is based on classical Tibetan and is highly conservative
  • 5 – 10 million people speak Tibetan worldwide


Tibetan Language Introduction

Standard Tibetan (Tibetan: བོད་སྐད་; Wylie: Bod skad, IPA: [pʰø̀kɛʔ]; also written Bhö kä) is the most widely used spoken form of the Tibetan languages. It is based on the speech of Lhasa, an Ü-Tsang dialect belonging to the Central Tibetan languages. For this reason, Standard Tibetan is often called Central Tibetan (Tibetan: དབུས་སྐད་; Wylie: dbus skad [ýkɛʔ]; also written Ükä or Uke or Tibetan: དབུས་གཙང་སྐད་; Wylie:Dbus-gtsang skad [ýʔtsáŋ kɛʔ], also written Ü-tsang kä). Tibetan, often implicitly meaning Standard Tibetan, is an official[2] language of the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China. Central Tibetan is one of several branches of the Tibetan languages, the most salient others being Khams, Amdo, and Ladakhi. The standard form of written Tibetan is based on Classical Tibetan and is highly conservative.



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ChineseTrans is a full-service Chinese translation company and have been helping 2,000+ business owners and individuals around the world to grow their business since 2001.

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From websites, brochure, medical records, marketing copies, to technical documents, we can get the job done quickly with accurate Chinese translation.

Doing business in China or Chinese communities is full of challenges, Our clients have been more easier to enter into this booming market and boost their sales thanks to the professional Chinese translatoin services done by ChineseTrans.

Every translation is supported by our guaranteed quality assurance and the communication with our experienced project managers is convenient in the whole process of the service.

ChineseTrans offers:

- Accurate, and guaranteed Chinese translation
- A transparent pricing with online instant quote
- Deep knowledge in doing business in China
- Special expertise on most subjects, from business, legal, medical to technical
- An understanding of your business challenge
- Great value for your money

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