English Chinese Glossary of China eCommerce Terms A-Z

by Yi Zhang, Thursday, February 18th, 2016 at 6:25 am

(China eCommerce, Doing Business in China)

Now overseas sellers have a quick way to be familiar with Chinese eCommerce terms.

Here are the most important ones.

Let me know if you want to add more.

English Chinese Glossary of China eCommerce Terms A-Z

(A Jingdong delivery van at WudaoKou, Beijing, Photo by Chao)

English Chinese Glossary of China eCommerce Terms A-Z

  • Alibaba 阿里巴巴 – China’s largest e-commerce company
  • Alipay 支付宝 – Alibaba’s proprietary online payment system
  • Aliwangwang 阿里旺旺 – Alibaba’s proprietary instant messenger, used widely on all Alibaba e-commerce platforms for real-time communication between customers and customer service reps.
  • AQSIQ 国家质量监督检验检疫总局 – General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
  • Baidu 百度 – China’s most-used search engine
  • Baokuan 爆款 – Hot items, The most popular products
  • Baoyou 包邮 – Shipping included in the price
  • CIQ 中国出入境检验检疫 – China Inspection and Quarantine Services: Bureau of Entry and Exit Quarantine and Inspection.
  • CNCA 中国国家认证认可监督管理委员会 – Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China
  • Daigou 代购 agent buying, whereby a third party (often a friend or relative) purchases and dispatches overseas merchandise
  • Dazhe 打折 – discount, discounted
  • Dianpu 店铺 – (e-commerce) shopfront, online store
  • Dianping 点评 – a popular site (dianping.com) listing information reviews and nearby restaurants and service providers, previously named as Dazhong Dianping (大众点评)
  • Haitao 海淘 – overseas purchases (online in-store)
  • Jiesuan 结算 – checkout
  • Jingdong 京东 – JD.com
  • Juhuasuan 聚划算– an offshoot of Alibaba, offering goods at a limited-time discount.
  • Kuaidi 快递 – express delivery
  • KuaidiXiaoge 快递小哥 – express delivery boy
  • Kuajie 跨界 – cross-industry cooperation to promote products or business
  • Kuajing 跨境 – cross-border (sales of goods)
  • Lenglian 冷链 – cold chain.
  • Paimai 拍卖 – auction
  • Peisong 配送 – distribution
  • Pingtai 平台 – marketplace or (eCommerce) platform
  • Qin 亲 – dear, term used by Xiao’er to address customers
  • QQ – popular multi-platform instant messaging application developed by software company Tencent
  • Ruanwen 软文 – advertorial, sellers invite celebrities or key opinion leaders to promote products on social media
  • SF Express 顺丰快递 – the largest domestic logistics company in China and owned by SF Holdings Group.
  • Shangou/Miaosha 闪购/秒杀 – a time or volume-limited flash sale. May be loss-leading or stock clearing.
  • Tencent 腾讯 – China’s largest and most used Internet service portal, developer of WeChat and QQ
  • Tenpay 财付通 – proprietary online payment system developed by Tencent
  • Tuan Gou 团购 – group buying.
  • Tuihuanhuo 退换货 – product replacement or return
  • Wangpu 旺铺 – Prosperous Shops, Taobao Wangpu is a value added service to upgrade average store to a customized luxury storefront
  • Weibo 微博 – microblogging site equivalent to Twitter
  • Weidian/Weishang 微店/微商 – a social sales store operated on the WeChat social media application, either by an individual or company
  • Weixin 微信(WeChat) – instant messaging and social media application developed
    by Tencent.
  • Xiao’er 小二 – customer service representatives, especially those on Taobao and Tmall
  • Yu E Bao 余额宝 – online savings account managed by Ali Group and connected to Alipay accounts, used for funding purchases or earning interest
  • Yu Le Bao 娱乐宝 – online retail investment service managed by Ali Group for selling
    shares in future film productions
  • Yushou 预售 – presales
  • Zhanggui 掌柜 – shop owner
  • Zhitongche 直通车 – Taobao paid search ranking system, the most popular traffic driving method
  • Zhongchou 众筹 – crowdfunding
  • Zhuizong 追踪 – parcel tracking




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