Effective Chinese Website Localization

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Importance of Effective Chinese Website Localization

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, you’ll get a lot of users logged on to your website that speak Chinese.

The problem is how to implement an effective Chinese Website Translation or Chinese Website Localization project.

Chinese Website Localization: ChineseTrans Localizes your business to the Chinese market

ChineseTrans Localizes your business to the Chinese market

Not Only Chinese Translation

We can see so many websites out there which have a Chinese version. the owner of the website realized the importance of the Chinese market.

However, most of them had a poor localization job in the view of Chinese customers.

Chinese website localization is much more complicated than a simple document translation.


What’s Successful Chinese Website Localization?

Here is a simple checklist for you to identify a successful Chinese website localization.

  • Clear targeted market lets you know where your Chinese market is, Mainland China, HongKong & Macau, Taiwan, Singapore & South-East Asia.
  • Correct Chinese translation conveys your message.
  • Good Chinese web copy localizes your business to the market.
  • Cultural adaptation avoid any cultural blunders or unintentional use of offensive symbols.
  • Localized design of graphics, and web interface.
  • No technical problems ensure the normal operation of the Chinese website.

Chinese website localization adapts the language, appearance, and functionality of a website for Chinese-speaking markets.

You can learn Common Website Localization Problems and Steps of Website Localization from Advice on Effective Website Localization .


Find Your Website Localization Partner

First you should find the right partner to do the localization job.

  • You need native-speaking, professional Chinese website translators who specialize in your industry.
  • You need Chinese website localization professionals to handle proper translation of graphics, text in links and optimizing text for search engines.
  • You need Chinese web developers and designers to solve technical problem in Chinese internationalization.

There are hundreds of companies out there claiming that they can do the Chinese website localization job for you.

To be frank, most of them could not do the job well.

Whether your project is a simple HTML-based Chinese website or a complex, database-driven web application), your Chinese localization partner should have demonstrated competency and experience in the following areas:

  1. Reviewing and analyzing the source website.
  2. Chinese translation, editing and proofreading.
  3. Chinese localization of graphics.
  4. Chinese cultural correctness assessment.
  5. Chinese web copy experiences.
  6. Issue resolution involving Chinese address, time, date, and numeric format.
  7. Chinese usability testing and Chinese localization testing.
  8. Chinese online quality assurance.
  9. Client review and approval.

Investigate to make sure that your partner has sufficient capabilities is the first step of your success.

Web Design Agency or Translation Company?

Please keep in mind the above mentioned skills are necessary.

Web design agencies outsource translation jobs in most cases and the Chinese translation will not be professional. and some of them have no idea about localization.

Many translation companies lacks expertise in localization technologies.


What You Should Do?

Follow the Steps of Website Localization from Advices on Effective Website Localization .

Provide adequate and sufficient source files

  • Summary of website architecture.
  • Your current website URL. better in English version if you have.
  • All original graphics used in your site (UI, background, Menus, Navigation buttons and Photoshop).
  • All files that make up your website in their original folder/file structure.
  • All application source files (Flash, Video, etc.) for any multimedia available on your website media library.
  • All application source files (Word, PDF, Illustrator, PowerPoint, etc.) for any documentation available in your website.
  • Summary of any technologies and/or development tools used to develop your site.

Provide clear requirements

  • What you need and what you do not need in Chinese version.
  • What’s the source language if you already have multilingual sites, you should confirm which one is the standard language version.
  • Do you need a separate Chinese version sub domain?
  • Whether the content shall be revised to suit the Chinese market. some products and services are totally different in Chinese market.

Your own expert users should work closely with your localization partner to track and resolve issues before your Chinese website is launched.Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, you’ll get a lot of users logged on to your website that speak Chinese.

The problem is how to implement an effective Chinese Website Translation or Chinese Website Localization project.

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