Boby Food and Mather Care at a Chinese Store

by ChineseTrans, Sunday, August 19th, 2012 at 9:12 am

(Chinese Translation)

wrong Chinese translation

Do You Know What is “Boby”?


What is “Mather”?

You can see these wrongly translated words printed in the big signs at the flagshop of a large baby products retailer brand in Shanghai.

There are 6 signs in the shop, however 5 of them are listed here while only one “Toys” is correct.


ChineseTrans had posted this on Weibo (China’s larget micro-blog site) and informed the shop owner, and got the positive reply from them within 24 hours saying that they will change all of them very soon.

Details are important for winning the hearts of customers.

ChineseTrans provides Chinese Proofreading to help your business to keep those stupid mistakes.


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